9 Tips Every Camper Should Know About Campfire Cooking

If you are thinking of camping, especially for the first time, it can be very heart wrenching especially because you know you are going to need to get out of your comfort zone and deploy new tactics for survival. This is especially true when it comes to how you are going to make your meals for the entire period you are there.

Here are a few critical tips that you will need to survive during camping:

  1. Build the fire right

Fire can be a recipe for disaster if lit without being well thought out. When camping, it is important to only start a fire once you are very sure it’s a safe place. In the absence of a fire pit, it is advisable that you get someplace that has no loose grass, dirt and debris within 10 foot perimeter. This is simply because the aforementioned can easily catch a fire hence making the whole place burn up easily.

  1. Cooking over a fire pit

When you are out camping, the heat source is in most cases either wood or charcoal. It is important to work your way around this as you will not be cooking over flame the way you are used to at home. First, the coal needs to be from the right wood that is very dry or some seasoned hard wood. Some of the best and most common choices of wood are oak, maple and alder. Since it can take some time to light up, make sure that you start the fire first and wait for a couple of minutes before starting to cook. It is important to have some extra wood on standby when you start to cook as anything can happen during camping so you always need backup for when it may be needed.

Fire Pit @ myshopperbuddy

Fire Pit @ myshopperbuddy

While cooking, adding wood should be done carefully as sometimes you can add wood and the heat ends up being too much. In this case, it is advisable that as opposed to trying to remove some wood from the fire, you can just move the dishes to the edge and with time the heat will cool down a bit and you can be able to continue cooking.

Lastly, when cooking outdoor, ensure you do all your prep work first before you start cooking. You will be surprised how intense the fire can get hence all your ingredients need to be ready and around the cooking area.

  1. Cooking a roast over a campfire

Roasted food is nothing short of delicious and enticing if well made. When you are roasting, the first thing to do is to season your roast as it is very helpful. You could either rub the seasoning on it or stuff it in the roast.

Once you are confident with the seasoning, you should then wrap your roast either in a wax paper or a foil paper. This will help protect it from nature basically. Feel free to use as much wrapping as you wish. Make sure that you also tuck in the ends so that all sides are fully protected.

camper cooking@ myshopperbuddy

camper [email protected] myshopperbuddy

After building the fire you will use for roasting, let the fire die down a bit. You basically want to have a fire that has burnt for a while so that you get some hot coals. In the case that your fire is in a fireplace, you want to rake the coals away from that area that is directly beneath the spit. To get the best roast, the main aim is to not cook over the coal but in front of them.

Before toasting, feel the balance of the roast by turning it in your hands and then use secondary forks to basically hold it in place.

The cooking time will depend on the cut but you need to check to see if there are parts cooking too quickly so that you use foil papers on them.

  1. Campfire cooking equipment

Campfire cooking equipment will fully depend on the type of food you want to cook and also the kind of camping that is being done. It could range from your regular equipment to the fancy ones depending on what the situation is. For the camping that are more nature like,  the supplies you will need will be a bit limited and basic.

Campfire cooking I @myshopperbuddy

Campfire cooking I @myshopperbuddy

Some of the useful cooking equipment to carry includes;

  1. Pack your coolers

This is most times forgotten or ignored but it is important to have some coolers with you when you go camping. You will need to keep your food fresh for your campfire cooking hence the reason why coolers will be a necessity. It is advised that you get different coolers for your refrigerated foods, icy drinks and the dry pantry items.

  1. Pack some clean water for campfire cooking

Water is very essential during camping especially the one for cooking. Since it can be quite a challenge to get clean water that you trust in a camping site, it is crucial to have some water you only use specifically for cooking.

  1. Dirty Dishes

The last thing you need during camping is dirty dishes. Since you don’t also want to carry so many utensils your best option is using tin foils. They are very versatile in terms of what they can do. You can  use them to serve your dishes on or even male tinfoil packet meals.

  1. Get the right gear

You need to avoid plastics because they can easily melt so any utensils you carry must be metal. You also need close-toed shoes and heavy duty leather gloves that can be able to withstand the heat as a result of the proximity of fire.

  1. Always carry a fire starter

Sometimes camping can be frustrating especially when the weather is not very friendly. Always carry your fire starter because it will greatly help with lighting up fire in the event that you are unable to do so the natural way.


Since camping is a great experience, you should strive to make yourself as comfortable as you possibly can. If you take care of the logistics of campfire cooking well you will be able to enjoy your camp without any frustration.

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