The Best Baby Wraps and Slings 2018

Having a baby has a lot of perks and it undoubtedly brings more happiness to a family. However, it can sometimes be very overwhelming when you are trying to achieve that balance of working and caring for your baby simultaneously. This is why baby wraps and slings were introduced to make it easier for parents to get work done while still keeping their young ones close and safe. People who choose slings and wraps-buckle free carriers to hold babies do so for several reasons. For most, it is to free their hand so they can perform other necessary tasks while for others; it is to soothe and calm the baby and also to foster greater attachment. Slings are different from carriers because unlike the latter, they do not have any buttons, buckles and clips and they can be used from birth and they are less formal than carriers.

There are plenty of baby wraps that have different baby holding positions, attachment methods, prices and features. Most of them have great fabric that makes your baby comfortable when being carried. The good news is that most top-notch manufacturers usually give you clear step to step instructions on how to use the wraps you have bought making the whole experience simple.

Since slings and baby wraps have become a necessity, here are some of the best baby wraps for newborn babies that you can consider:

  1. Boba Wrap

Made out of five percent spandex and ninety five percent cotton, this is basically one of the best baby carrier for newborn babies. It has an incredible fabric that allows you to stretch it to fit your baby and it is equally easy to use. Particularly, most parents prefer it because you can use it as early as from 0 months all the way to about 18 months meaning that it serves you for a very time and at a time that is very crucial. The other factor that makes it the best baby carriers for dads and moms is that it is organic and is machine washable making it more convenient. The drawbacks though few include the fact that it is only meant for front face carry positions which is limiting. The other drawbacks include the fact that it comes in one size and it can get very hot during summer especially. Breastfeeding is easier with this baby wrap hence it is the best baby carrier for moms especially the more petite ones.

  1. Ergo baby 360 Baby Carrier

This is an incredible carrier that looks fantastic and has great features. It is arguably one of the best baby carriers for dads out there. Unlike your standard carries, this one is a bit lighter which is why most people prefer using it. In the case of any unexpected moisture, it boasts of having a wicking capacity that can keep the dad and the baby dry. Additionally, it has a hip healthy design that is ergonomic that keeps the baby seated in a natural position making it comfortable. All users love the padded shoulder straps and also the wide waistband because it gives them unrivaled lower back support and also prevents pain for them when carrying the babies.

3.Moby Wrap

For the longest time before Boba was introduced, Moby wrap was very popular and was the best baby carrier for moms. What stands out most about this is the fact that you can literally custom make it and wrap it in any style that would fit your baby’s unique needs. It is soft and very comfortable as the fabric is made out of 100% cotton. It is very versatile and easy to use and navigate through because the company literally gives you a guide through a program that helps you learn new styles of holding your baby at whatever stage. It is really lengthy and can sometimes get dragged but the good thing is that since it is 18 feet, it can be used by parents or caretakers of different sizes. The downside is that it is forward facing and can get hot during summer too.

Baby Wraps and Slings4.Baby K’tan Baby Wrap

This is technically more of a carrier than a wrap and is most of the times referred to as a ready to wear wrap. It has the look and comfort of a wrap but has the convenience of a carrier and it does not come with complicated buttons, snaps, zippers or rings. It is very comfortable and soft as the fabric is 100% natural cotton. Unlike some other wraps, this one comes in different sizes from XXS to XL.  It comes with a single adjustable back strap specifically to enhance comfort. Additionally it is machine washable and although the wrap can at times stretch out after use, it shrinks back again after washing and drying it.  This has got to be best baby carrier wrap because of how simple it is.


There is a variety of baby wraps and slings in the market and you can be spoilt for choice sometimes. To find the best baby carrier for newborns especially, you need to look at the fabric, how convenient it is to use and how versatile it is in terms of size and adjustability. Needless to say, the above mentioned are of the best baby carriers for babies and the caretakers and you can trust them to help you get your hands free so that you can work on other things as you hold your baby.

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