The best StarCraft Protoss pylon USB charger


Everyone loves Starcraft. Well, who doesn’t? It is tough to forget those days, years ago when we would spend hours playing the favorite addictive game known as Starcraft. Whether you would choose multiple-player mode online or play the single-player mode, Starcraft was the best game in our minds. The game is still popular today with very many international tournaments being held and players coming from all over the universe contending as the best. Therefore, it’s high time to use this out-of-the-world and the best Starcraft Protoss Pylon USB to charge all your devices.

No doubt, this starcraft protoss pylon USB charger has been the best around town. Its features have made it the most popular mean of charging cell phones and tablets. The big fans of Starcraft have always had the neatly done Protoss structure catch their eyes.

Starcraft pylon USB is a licensed and the best USB charging station which is themed by the second Starcraft – the Legacy of the Void. Its light nature makes it the ideal charging tool since it can be carried around with ease and fit in most bags. The starcraft protoss pylon USB charger measures about 7″ tall x 5″ diameter and weigh about 6 oz. Its shape is derived from the primary and most iconic structure of the Protoss in the universe of Starcraft.

Starcraft Protoss II Pylon:

The Pros

Starcraft pylon USB is an officially-licensed instrument for sale, and therefore, there is no need to worry about any rip-off.

Unlike all the other charging devices, the Starcraft pylon USB features are highly exquisite and detailing right led light adding more vivid effects making it look like a real crystal pylon. Further, it has great colors, and its small size fits on a desk better or even the side bed cabinet. There is no need to look for enough resources to create pylons. This best starcraft protoss pylon USB charger will always be there for you, coupled with two different USB ports for connecting devices for charging. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android device or an iPhone or any other device, as long as your device has USB ports, you are good to go.

Moreover, just as mentioned above, apart from the unique functions it comes along with, StarCraft pylon USB gives off a very distinctive blue light that can quickly guide someone in the dark and it is very friendly to the eyes. It further creates a pleasant ambiance when sleeping – don’t let the awesomeness of this light pass you! And Of course, if all your devices battery-wise are running at optimal performance or are charged fully, you can quickly switch the lights on and to give your desk a very soft blue glow too.

The StarCraft protoss pylon USB charger comes along with type 1A USB ports and two 2.1Amp. It also uses AC adapter, with a capability of charging two mobile devices at the same time. The pylon’s lighting is also flexible, and you can switch it on or off whenever you wish to do so.

Best Features:

  • It is a two in one device, which is a light and USB charger in one;
  • Can charge two devices at the same time;
  • It comes along with an AC adapter;
  • Compatible with anything that charges via USB at 2.1 Amp split between the two ports;
  • On and off switch to control light in case you want to charge your devices in the dark;
  • Its dimensions are about 5 inches diameter by 7 inches tall;
  • Weight is about 6 oz without the charger;
  • Starcraft Protoss pylon USB charger pylon power station, which is 100-240v ~50-60Hz .5A AC adapter, and a micro-USB; and
  • Officially-licensed – no rip-off.


The best starcraft protoss II pylon USB charger is now live, and if you have not had a chance to acquire it, you should get your hands on one. For those who knew StarCraft story and even played the game know why this is such a big deal until now. Get the merchandise today and show off your love and loyalty to the game. The device cuts across all the ages, and you can even gift someone by ordering one today.

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